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Dental Bonding East Wenatchee WA

Composite Dental Bonding in East Wenatchee, Washington with Johnson Family DentalComposite bonding is a unique and fairly pain free dental procedure. When a tooth has received damage or becomes stained either as a result from minor injury or even smoking, this comparatively inexpensive procedure provides a quick and simple solution. Another benefit to using this type of procedure over other more invasive ones is the ability to take much less time away from your busy life. It may not even require anesthesia as there is no drilling into the tooth. The procedure can be done in the office over the course of just one appointment. It is that straightforward.

The Ease of the Cosmetic Bonding Process

A composite material that can be closely matched to the color of the existing teeth is skillfully applied by the dentist to the prepared tooth. The tooth is gently prepared to ensure your comfort and that the composite will hold to the tooth's surface as it hardens. Once applied, it will be easily shaped to provide a very natural and seamless appearance. A light is generally used in order for the material to set even quicker. Once it is completely hardened, the tooth will then be gently polished to ensure there are no snags or sharp points. Then, it will be buffed to make sure the surface of the tooth is as shiny as the other teeth. No one will ever be able to tell it is not a natural tooth!

Composite Bonding Limits

Composite bonding may not be for everyone. Smokers should not use this process unless they have completely quit smoking as the smoke can cause staining on the composite material. Because the composite is generally thin to keep conformity with the natural tooth's surface, it is more prone to chipping as opposed to crowns or even porcelain veneers. Later on down the road, it may need to be replaced.

If there is a dental concern, please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have. Composite bonding may just be the suitable solution for you. Don't waste time worrying about potential cost issues. We find that insurance companies are willing to cover this simple and affordable dental repair process in more cases than not. It all depends on the type of issue. However, because cosmetic bonding takes up much less time, costs are kept lower than alternative procedures that would otherwise require multiple visits. There are no pieces that need to be sent off to a lab. You are able to leave the office that same day with a great and confident smile.

We Want To Welcome You and Yours into Our Family Practice!

Dr. Kevin Johnson enjoys helping all ages of patients and has the experience to help you achieve your best oral health. The family and cosmetic dental services that our family practice provides will give you something to smile about.

Our number is (509) 886-8833 or we encourage you to feel free to just stop in and meet us. We service Waterville, Quincy, Wentachee, Cashmere, East Wentachee, Leavenworth and surrounding areas.
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Dental Bonding East Wenatchee WA | Johnson Family Dental
When a tooth has received damage or becomes stained from a minor injury or even smoking, this inexpensive procedure provides a quick and simple solution!
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