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Dental Implants in East Wenatchee, WA

A couple smiling after receiving dental implants at Johnson Family Dental in East Wenatchee, WADental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth with artificial titanium roots anchored to the jaw bone. Losing your teeth can be problematic for both functionality and aesthetics of the mouth, and implants are often the best way to end the problem. Before the implants, the only way to restore the teeth was by means of prostheses attached to the teeth adjacent to the missing ones, known as a bridge, or by using a partial denture.

These were sometimes a problematic intervention because they involved the filing of the adjacent teeth to accommodate the dental crowns that support the missing teeth. For a dental implant surgery you can come to us at Johnson Family Dental and make an appointment with one of our professionals.

The Advantages of Dental Implants Compared to Mobile Prostheses

Partial, or mobile, prostheses are increasingly disappearing thanks to the development of dental implants, and advances in the field of prevention of tooth decay and periodontal disease, which have reduced the loss of dental elements.

The great advantage of dental implants compared to mobile prostheses is that with the use of dental implantology it is no longer necessary to involve intact teeth to replace missing teeth, nor to apply dentures or removable prostheses. Although mobile systems are still used, with dental implants there are no more risks of losing the mobile implant or dentures.

The Application of a Dental Implant

Dental implants, whether they are bridges, a single crown, or the All on 4, are inserted surgically. The titanium root is screwed into the bone. Once healed from the operation, the titanium root acts as a base for the visible end of the tooth. In some cases, with an immediate implantology technique, within 24 hours after surgery, the patient can receive the implant itself. It depends on the technique used.

Dental implant interventions are not painful, thanks to anesthesia, and have a very high success rate.

The implants are made of titanium, a metal used in surgery because it is biocompatible and well tolerated by the human body. Their surface is roughened in order to increase and also accelerate the possibility of osseointegration (the total and effective incorporation of the implant into the bone).

The Different Dental Implants

Dental implants vary according each patient's needs. If only one tooth is missing, then a dental crown type of implant would be used, since it is meant to replace a single tooth. If several teeth are missing, the choice falls on the dental implant bridge, a prosthesis of several teeth that rests on a single root (or more, if there are many missing). Finally, if all the teeth are missing, the choice falls on a full arch of implants or the All on 4. This is the application of 4 titanium roots that act as a base for the implantation of the entire prosthetic dental arch.

If you are missing one or more teeth, the best and easiest option, in perspective, are dental implants. To make an appointment with us at Johnson Family Dental, just call us at (509) 886-8833 and make a visit.
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