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Multiple Dental Implants in East Wenatchee, WA

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implants from Johnson Family Dental in East Wenatchee, WADental implant surgery is an excellent alternative to dentures and dental bridges, as it replaces the missing teeth with prosthetics that function and look just like natural teeth.

The dental implant procedure involves replacing tooth roots with metal posts, which provide a solid foundation for new teeth. The primary step in the procedure is the fusion of the dental implant with the jawbone. This healing process, in which bone grows around the dental implant, supports the dental implants so that they wouldn't slip or damage the bone in a way that dentures and dental bridges might.

What Are Multiple Dental Implants?

If a person is missing one tooth, a single dental implant and crown can replace the missing tooth. Single dental implants can also replace two adjacent teeth. However, oral surgeons insert multiple dental implants if more than two adjacent teeth are missing. Multiple dental implants support dental bridges that are used to replace several missing teeth.

Advantages of Multiple Dental Implants

The most effective approach to replacing multiple lost teeth is not to replace each with single dental implants. Rather, multiple dental implants have an advantage over dental bridges and dentures since they allow teeth replacement without damaging or taking support from adjacent healthy teeth.

Multiple dental implants allow easier cleaning of teeth and maintenance of oral health compared to removable partial dentures. Daily brushing and flossing are enough to take care of the replaced teeth.

Multiple dental implants allow the placement of metal posts inside the jawbone, which act like natural teeth roots and stimulate the bone around them. This stimulation preserves the jawbone and prevents its degradation.

Multiple implant supported dental bridges can replace multiple adjacent teeth without support from neighboring teeth. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone to keep it healthy, whereas the surrounding bone may deteriorate with removable partial dentures and fixed bridges.

Multiple Dental Implant Placement

Multiple adjacent missing teeth do not necessarily require individual implants for every tooth. Instead, the best approach is to place dental implants at each end of the tooth gap, and then use a dental bridge across them, making the multiple dental implants cost-effective.

Multiple dental implants are beneficial compared to dental bridges, as in the latter process, the dentist has to file down adjacent healthy teeth to attach the bridge over them. Dental implants, on the other hand, anchor the bridge, which is why no damage is done to the surrounding teeth.

Placing multiple implants involves inserting the titanium screws or posts into the jawbone, which replaces the natural teeth roots. This is a highly invasive surgical process but very developed and safe. The jawbone around dental implants can heal for several months, allowing it to fuse with the metal post, securing and stabilizing it.

After the healing of bone, a metal post known as an abutment is connected to the dental implant, which allows the replacement teeth to hold in place.

The final step is custom-making replacement teeth to match the color and appearance of surrounding natural teeth and attaching them to the abutment.

Alternate Treatment Options vs. Multiple Dental Implants

There are two alternate treatment options besides multiple dental implants for people with multiple missing teeth.

Removable Partial Denture vs. Multiple Dental Implants

Removable partial dentures are designed to clasp or grab onto the healthy adjacent teeth so that the denture is held in its place. The clasps, which fit the denture atop the surrounding teeth, puts pressure on the gums and natural teeth, weakening the jawbone and teeth, and leading to further tooth loss.

Removable partial dentures also lack any root system, leading to jawbone deterioration and atrophy, accelerating bone loss. Multiple dental implants stop bone deterioration by providing a root system that maintains facial and jawbone integrity. The implants preserve adjacent teeth and don't cause damage to healthy gums and teeth.

Fixed Bridge Supported by Multiple Teeth vs. Multiple Dental Implants

A fixed bridge supported by multiple bridges only possesses risks at a greater level than a single-tooth bridge. The multiple teeth involved increase the complications and problems leading to tooth decay, periodontal bone loss, and root canal infections. Furthermore, jawbone atrophy can also worsen.

Dental implants restore the natural chewing ability of an individual by providing a long-lasting tooth replacement procedure. The replaced teeth are easy to maintain and clean and preserve the gums and jawbone by eliminating the use of metal clasps that wear away the gum line.

Why Should You Consider Getting Multiple Dental Implants?

Multiple teeth replacement with dental implants is a good and cost-effective solution, as an individual can have several teeth replaced simultaneously. However, the cost, stability, time for the whole procedure, and the number of missing teeth affect the implant's quantity and most effective approach.

At Johnson Family Dental our dental professionals Dr. Johnson will help their patients decide the approach for the procedure and whether or not it is advisable to choose multiple dental implants to replace their teeth.

What Is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

Multiple dental implant solutions assist in the reconstruction of a few or all missing teeth. The permanent and non-detachable prosthetic teeth fix your dentition and smile. Multiple implants are less expensive than inserting a single dental implant in every missing tooth socket.

The All-on-4 is the strategic placement of just four implants, two on the maxillary jaw and two on the mandibular jaw. The four dental implants connect four rows of dental bridges, which imitates the natural pressure applied to the implants and jawbone.

All-on-4 dental implants are a multiple dental implant procedure that allows an individual to get a complete prosthetic set of teeth. Such stable dentures act like natural teeth and provide an excellent solution for complete tooth loss, which is why dentists recommend this procedure for replacing many missing teeth.

Make the Right Choice

If you are thinking of investing in this long-lasting solution for multiple missing teeth, our dental professionals can advise you regarding the most effective approach. Call us at (509) 886-8833 to book your appointment.
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Multiple Dental Implants East Wenatchee, WA | Johnson Family
If you're thinking of investing in multiple dental implants for your missing teeth, our professionals are here to help you choose the best approach. Call today!
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