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Preventive Dentistry
East Wenatchee, WA

Preventive Dental Care in East Wenatchee, Washington with Johnson Family DentalAt Johnson Family Dental, we believe that educating our clients on how to properly care for their teeth is the most important part of preventing poor oral health conditions. Prevention is the most important part of dentistry. Knowing how to fix problems is our job, but its better if the problems never arise in the first place. When you understand how to properly care for your teeth and take the steps to keep them happy and healthy, you are on the road to a long lasting smile!

Dental Cleanings
When you come to our office for a standard checkup, you can expect a thorough cleaning, an examination, and sometimes an X-ray.

The cleaning is the first step. During the cleaning we will go over every single tooth to make certain all built up plaque and tartar that you have missed in your brushing and flossing routine, is removed. One of the tools that is most effective at removing built up tartar and plaque is the ultrasonic scaling device. This tool looks a lot like a dental pick but it uses ultrasonic vibrations to break apart hard to handle tartar.

Dental Exams
You should come into our office at least twice a year for this kind of checkup. Most of the time we will only need to take one X-ray of your mouth per year, so if you are keeping a regular schedule with us you will have an X-ray taken once every two visits. We use X-rays to peer into the hard structures of your mouth like the teeth and bone. With X-rays we can detect issues while they are still small and usually preventable.

Gum Disease
Gum disease, which also goes by gingivitis and periodontal disease, occurs when you ignore your oral health routine for extended periods of time. When plaque is allowed to build up on the surface of your tooth for long enough, eventually it will start to build up on the root, below the gum line. This plaque buildup below the gum line can easily lead to gum disease, which is an infection of the gums. This is a serious condition, and not one that makes itself obvious to the patient so make sure to come in to see us at least twice a year!

Oral Cancer Screening
During routine examinations we always keep a watchful eye out for signs of serious issues like oral cancers. If you ever notice your bite change, or experience unexplained pain in your mouth lasting longer than a week, it would be wise to call us at (509) 886-8833 to schedule an appointment to be seen. Those symptoms can be an indicator of something more serious.

Fluoride Treatment
While your teeth are hard, they are not impervious to damage. Throughout the day, plaque and oral bacteria buildup in the mouth. They may be naturally occurring, but they are rather harmful to your oral health. Fluoride is an element that helps to protect your teeth, preventing the damage caused by plaque and oral bacteria.

Dental sealants are a great way to prevent cavities before they ever get a chance to form. We place dental sealants within the cusps of the molars to prevent food and bacteria from building up and causing decay. They last a few years and are a great preventive service. Schedule an appointment with us to have dental sealants placed today!
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Preventive Dentistry | Dentist East Wenatchee WA
Johnson Family Dental offers a wide variety of preventative dentistry services including cleanings, exams, periodontal care, fluoride treatment, and more!
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